Technology serving the style. This is the mission of AT+T COLOR-DEC FASHION DIVISION, a company that for more than twenty years, thanks to the intuition and resourcefulness, dominates the international textile scene proposing to established brand and new talents what means today the word “innovation”.

Happy combination between COLOR-DEC - the parent company specialized in the construction of machinery for decoration -  and AT+T that makes plastics and innovative fabrics, underpins this Italian success story thanks the winning idea to use by itself advanced machinery to create masterpieces that we see on runways around the world.

Have behind a such strong and accomplished company such as COLOR-DEC allowed the AT + T to impose itself on the market with speed and dexterity  having at its disposal the best of engineering to realize all the great ideas of his office style. The one who turns to AT + T is demanding and always looking for new products to make unique its creations in the sector of clothing and accessories. And from collection to collection, always presented in very prestigious fairs, like Premiere Vision in Paris and New York, AT + T always amazes people for the absolute freshness and originality of its proposals, always trendy but at the same time able to anticipate trends and times, always one step ahead of the other competitors.  That's how the AT + T has failed year after year to gain the unconditional estimates of a clientele that embraces both the most famous French and Italian fashion brand that the young new designer eager to experiment.

And how not to have fun to imagine fashion that will come simply admiring the so daring and almost futuristic proposals made by this company that is famous for its plastics, its applications of resins on fabric and the wonderful thridimensional making that almost sculpt the fabric, as is the case with faux fur on which the laser creates stunning visual effects? Very interesting is the nderglass technique of vegetables or even colorful feathers that makes it possible to distinguish clearly the natural fibre inside a plastic material.

The fabric obtained by this technique is very soft and can be easily cut and stitched to make real the creative imaginations of every fashion designer.

But not only future. AT+T has got a soft spot on tradition thanks to the recovery of ancient techniques and technologies such as frame machining or painting by hand on wool, leather and plastics with great precision by expert craftsmen to avoid the coldness of digital printing for obtaining in this way high quality differentiated products because the product range AT + T' is very high. And the present? Bio is one of the most important trend of our days so AT+T offers amazing vegan fabrics, in addition to recovering scrap materials and fibers for reuse in a creative way in incredible new textile solutions. Because if fashion is a mirror of the times, AT + T is a wonderful crystal ball through which to see the future. Many of the clothes and accessories that tomorrow will attract our attention surprising us and creating emotions with their beauty will be realized thanks to the innovative fabrics from AT + T.

The Future is now.

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